Hey Creator!

Are you a small business owner? ...here to create a world full of warmth, passion, and purpose?

I'm Daniel Adams, and I'd love to help YOU expand your capacity to RECEIVE, so you can Create Profitable Living in your business and your home.

And when I say "Profitable Living," I don't just mean making lots of money. 

Because you could be generating $20k, $50k, or $100k/month,

But are you...

  • Still not paying yourself a decent salary?
  • Exhausted from working 50-100 hours a week? 
  • ...OR Working only when you choose, but feeling unfulfilled?
  • Spending everything you make no matter how much you bring in? 
  • ...OR Feeling afraid to spend any money & let yourself enjoy it?
  • Struggling to create & enjoy meaningful moments with family & friends or find time for recreation & personal hobbies?
  • Experiencing your clients' or family members' requests as frustrating obstacles or distracting demands, instead of opportunities to serve & connect?
  • Feeling you never have time for rest, renewal, and nourishing your own physical, spiritual, and emotional needs?
  • ...You get the idea!

  • OR, maybe things are going GREAT!!!  So great, in fact, that you fear it's TOO good. And you live in a constant state of worry that you're going to blow it all.

If any of the above apply,

That's NOT Profitable Living (no matter how much money you're making.)

But it's never too late to make the change and start living profitably!

You probably started your business with all the good intentions in the world. 

God inspired you with the idea,

And you wanted to make a positive impact and create time and money freedom (to enjoy it with the ones you love!)

But somewhere along the way, 

That freedom was overshadowed by the suffocating servitude of deficiency & debt.

Again, we're not just talking money here, because:

You can have ALL the Time, Money, & Love in the world,

But it won't make you profitable

if it's swallowed up by fears about what might happen if you let yourself fully enjoy that much success.

'Can life really be THIS good?!? Am I really worthy of connective, fulfilling relationships, a wildly profitable business, and a life I truly love?'

I think so.

And I'd LOVE to help you believe it and RECEIVE it!

Because when YOU receive, you have more to give.

When YOU live profitably, you help others profit too.

Gone are the days of competition and creating profit by taking it from others.

Now is the time to:

Profit by GIVING...in aligned, sustainable ways (so you're continually re-sourced and never overdrawn).

Profit by RECEIVING...so all that goodness can keep circulating (and expanding what's available for everyone!)

It's time to Expand your Capacity to Receive, so you can Create Profitable Living in your business and your home!

So, Are You Ready to:

  • Be the epic creator you came here to be, without feeling like you have to do it alone.
  • See your self, spouse, clients, and family with renewed love & appreciation. And fully receive the love they're sending you.
  • Honor your body by relaxing into rest when it's time to rest, and creating results when it's time to create.
  • Experience & receive God's love for you, so you can open up to all the additional ways He wants to prosper you.
  • Confidently initiate and navigate difficult conversations, including ones with judgmental family members, jealous friends, or teenagers struggling to find their place in the world.
  • Build the awareness and skills to close $125k deals & create profits in ways that benefit everyone involved and strengthen relationships in the process.
  • Celebrate & enjoy all the epic things you've already created, while opening yourself to keep expanding!!

How GOOD can you stand it? Are you ready to find out?

Coach with Daniel. I'll be your personal guide as you discover just how much you're capable of receiving. Plus, equip you with the tools & help you develop the skills to create connective relationships, so you can live profitably & fully enjoy what you receive!

We'll acknowledge where you are, clearly outline where you want to be, and explore how coaching can provide the path to get you there.

(Plus, 3% of every coaching package goes to One Generation Away to provide food to families in need.)

What Coaching Can Do For You...

Jason Miller

Owner - Miller Home Group, Dad of 2, Real Estate Investor

If you're a business owner, high performer, sales person, or executive team member... Balancing career, family, spouse & personal often feels like mission impossible, which often leads to more stress, strained relationships, and the cycle continues, slowly killing your passion & dreams. Connect with Daniel Adams! He will, I promise, help you reset and guide you to clarity. Better cash flow! Better relationships! You won't feel torn in a million directions! You'll know exactly why you do everything you do! The investment is well worth it! And rest assured it will pay for itself!

Angi Bair

Real Estate Agent, Empty Nester, New Grandma of 4

I’m not working any harder than I used to, but we just went over $300,000! It’s freeing to have extra at the end of the month. Getting the focus off the money, and onto what I actually want to create in my relationships is resolving my issues within hours, minutes, & days…instead of weeks, months, & years.

Bryan & Holly Kjar

Parents of 6, Youtubers - Kjar Crew

I'm notorious for self sabotage. For some reason, when things get good I panic and start building walls and pushing people away. But through coaching, I've opened up space for good, for pleasure and happiness, and for things going well. Instead of feeling bad that I have it too good, as my life gets better and better, I'm allowing it to make others' lives better too.

Tara Lofley

Mother of 9, Co-Owner Blue Ocean Family Medicine

Adding a 5-heart review here, I'm loving what I've been learning and applying through our business coaching! Very much worth the investment!! I've been straight up twitterpated for a month now. Kent and I have never gotten along so well. After being married 21 years that's saying something!

Dr. Kent Lofley

Physician, Owner - Blue Ocean Family Medicine

I can honestly say that I FEEL different about life. I'm loving learning how to have sustainable living with balance between work, family, and community. Also learning how to give and receive. Daniel Adams the work you are doing is a Godsend. Thanks!

Which option would serve you?

INDIVIDUALS - 1:1 Coaching for YOU

You know you're here for a reason. You've got big things to create and millions of people to impact. But sometimes life gets in the way. 

Don't let your fears, worries, or relationship challenges keep you from doing what you came to this planet to do. Experience the power of working with Daniel to repair your relationships, increase your business profits sustainably, and apply the skills to overcome your personal barriers to enjoying profitable living.

Packages start at $2500/mo. for 6 months and include an in-depth Profitable Living Assessment.

PARTNERSHIPS - Coaching for YOU & YOUR (Marriage or Business) PARTNER

Whether it's your partner in business, your partner in marriage, or you're in business with your spouse so they're one & the same...

Choose a partnership package to amplify your results by tapping into the exponential power of co-creation! Let's get  you and your partner on the same page, complementing & celebrating each other's strengths, and creating more wealth with connection & joy!

Coaching is customizable to meet with each partner individually and together according to what works best for you both.

TEAMS - Coaching for YOU & YOUR TEAM

Some clients (like Jason) love the results they experience through coaching so much they want to share with their team. Imagine the potential of a team full of individuals embodying the principles of profitable living! Set the standard in employee retention for your industry.

Book a call to custom-tailor coaching trainings & experientials for you and your small team of 3-20 employees.

Client Testimonial

How to know if coaching with Daniel is right for you.

  • You're a world changing, family loving, small business owner on a mission & you're ready to live profitably!

  • You're committed to let go of any beliefs, stories, or habits that are keeping you stuck. You just want someone to light the way.

  • You're ready to RECEIVE love, affection, trust, and an extra zero to your revenue...without having a massive meltdown, pushing away your loved ones, and squandering it all.

Still have questions?

  • How long will we coach?

    Coaching packages are 6-12 months in length.

  • How often do we meet?

    Typically weekly, with Marco Polo support in between.

  • Where do we meet?

    In-person in Franklin, TN or via Zoom.

  • What's the investment?

    Coaching packages start at $2,500/mo. (Rest assured 3% of every coaching investment goes to One Generation Away mobile food pantry to distribute 500+ high-quality meals to hungry US families. Our profit is meant to do so much good in the world!)

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes, you can choose to either pay-in-full or invest monthly.

  • What kind of coaching do you do?

    Highly Experiential. Deeply Somatic. It's different for each client, but begins with an in-depth Profitable Living Assessment. Common experiences then include breath work, journaling, and getting brutally (yet compassionately) honest about your habits. That's what makes the service so effective so quickly. Coaching also involves simple activities to embody sadness, express anger, sit with fear, and expand your capacity to receive pleasure, joy, and success. Plus, tools to resolve unfinished conversations, implement connective communication, and manage more money than you've ever received!

  • What results do clients experience?

    6-figure profit months (NET, not gross). High employee retention. Enjoying vacations with teenage and adult kids. Bonuses. Dream Cars. Resolving issues with parents that are decades old. Cleaning up stressful relationships. Forming new lucrative business partnerships. Experiencing self-compassion for the first time. Dissolving guilt and shame. Healing patterns you've been stuck in for years. Enjoying intimacy with partner after a long drought. $75,000 revenue months. And more! (see testimonials)

  • Do you do events?

    Yes! Book a call to schedule a Profitable Living Weekend in Nashville, TN for you, your partnership, or your team.

What are you waiting for?

Strengthen your relationships. Create profitable living.